Hello, I am a visual story teller, textile designer and creative educator living in Ahmedabad, India with my husband and son. My studio is based in the urban side of the diversely rich cultural and Heritage city of Ahmedabad.

Painting brings me peace and joy and allows me an opportunity to marvel at my connection with the beauty and abundance of the natural world.

My goal is to bring this joy and connection to the viewer and providing them a chance to participate in this celebration.


My childhood has certainly not been conventional. I was born in the historical town of Porbandar(mahatma gandhi's birthplace), We as a family have lived and travelled across different locations in the middle east before settling down in India. As a child I was deeply drawn to the visual language, so much that all my school books would be filled with little drawings. I would be lost in my little drawings and colors and sketchbooks for hours on end and my world was filled with fantasy and naïve creation.

Not much has changed, and the girl is still full of dreams, is hardworking and entrepreneurial.

I went on to get a degree in Painting from MSU(1995), India and got a masters degree in textiles from NID(2000), Ahmedabad, India.

After a small stint at a job in an export house, I got married and soon after had a baby and struggled through many years of building a small clothing company.

I officially created my first company in 2006 after my son turned one. I built my small company in a spare bedroom and through tiny but firm steps creating bespoke hand printed textiles for clothing and home textiles. I learnt the know-hows of business, entrepreneurship & account keeping as I designed collections after collections and sold them all across India. Although I made textiles, the starting point of all my collections would be a drawing or a photograph. I would meticulously makes notes and journals and create full size illustrations that would then be hand printed on to

ethically sourced fine cottons. Through this unique technique and language that I had created for my company, I could showcase my collection at Maison and Objet, Paris and the collection was received very well.

My journey towards art had begun in 2014 and I officially began making art in this year. My clothing company could not weather the storms of economic and political upheavels in our country in this year and through grace and beauty, I decided to shut it down in 2016. A decade long journey of learning and beauty had ended and my company beautifully transitioned into art and design consultancy at my new studio that is bang opposite to the house we live in.

2018 and 2019 have been the years of continual growth and I had the honour to curate a textile showcase gallery for the Raw Collaborative annual furniture and lifestyle show at the Mill Owners building in Ahmedabad, India. I spent these years finding my artistic voice and searching for a meaning in work that is more inwards and purposeful rather than the end result.

I have created many commissions for my collectors since 2018 and continue to do so along with my studio art practice. I also partner with well aligned brands to create bespoke textile pattern designs. I have collaborated with many domestic and international brands to create one of a kind textile and art products. I had the honour to create beautiful textile site plans for case design's Avasara Academy Architectural project . The textile plans display unique dying and embroidery techniques and have been exhibited along side their stunning collections of furniture and life style products exhibitions in Venice, Lausanne, Antwerp and G5A.

I also had the honour to teach my very first in person workshop that I designed for individuals interested in learning the nuances of botanical and acrylic painting at my studio in Ahmedabad in 2020. I am now one of instructors at The paint hive and am currently creating my very first online course for their unique platform designed to teach valuable skills meant for the décor industry professionals.

As I walk into 2021, my creative journey looks nothing like I had imagined it to be. It is open, receiving, thriving with energy and experimentation. It is deeply enriching and resourceful and I cannot wait to see what the future holds in it for me!