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DUENDE [n] The mysterious power of art to deeply move a person .

After having a degree in fine arts and a post graduation in textile design, I decided to travel and understand the nuances of art and crafts in India. I was overwhelmed with a seamless blend of art (a communication of an idea) and craft (a physical manipulation of material) in everyday utilitarian Indian objects without it being self conscious of high value art.

With this fascination to purview India and to tell a story through sketches and illustration, Nehal desai studio was born in the year 2013.

At Nehal Desai studio, we explore the most earliest form of human communication which is sketching and illustrating, blending that with our Indian indigenous and traditional craft and presenting it in a more acceptable world language; is our forte.

By integrating the sensorial experience of our local culture on a tactile rich textile, we present utilitarian products like clothing, accessories and home furnishings. We strongly believe in sustainable approach towards work and its socio-economic impact on our surroundings.

The true strength of our business lies in collaborating with artists, craftsmen and customers to attain innovative and effective product. In this aspect we look forward for a mutually enriching partnership. We welcome you in our journey.....and we have just started.

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Our Team



Our in house Sampling team is efficient and enterprising. well equipped and experienced to handle any kind of design and finishing solutions.



Sales and marketing head

Bhaveja, is an important asset to our company, smoothly handling all our sales, billing and marketing requirements. your go to person for all sales related queries.

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