“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” - Mark Van Doren

Flow workshops & masterclasses are designed to empower you to discover your own path to personal and individualistic expressions in two-dimensional art (painting).

Nehal is an artist and a textile designer, trained formally and working for over a decade in multi layered artistic mediums and styles.

She is best known for her nature inspired compositions in acrylics on canvas and pattern design projects for brand collaborations.


2018, when I began my design consultation practice, creating art on side, trying to rediscover my passion for art!

Before I knew, Art started taking a majority of my mental and physical (in studio) space, and I could not resist going back to my art at any given point of time or opportunity.

This time has been decisive on many levels, and it has been rewarding. I have the time, energy and finances to support a full-time art practice at the same time enjoy uninterrupted time for self and family! Yikes

Sounds like a dream?

Join us to discover the mindsets, best practices and skills for your very own artistic pursuits.

We have designed individual Private masterclasses for those focusing on their artistic journeys for a while, in need of fresh inspiration or a gently nudge to collective workshops for the ones who work best in like-minded company!



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